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wholesale price steel filing cabinet manufacturer

Sep 28, 2021
The long-lasting patience of steel filing cabinet wholesale, in the process of use, can well cope with frequent consumption, and can withstand more reserves, has always been loved by users, and provides many conveniences, steel filing The appearance of cabinet wholesale has full-width aluminum alloy drawer handles and replaceable labels, which are beautiful, convenient and practical.
The frame of steel filing cabinet supplier is made of angle steel with card slots, which can make the internal laminates move back and forth between the card slots. Customers can adjust the height of the space they want at will, which increases the flexibility in the use process. The steel filing cabinet for sale supports OEM and ODM services. When customizing office furniture, you can customize several different laminates to better meet the needs of use.

When used in the office, as people move back and forth every day, a lot of dust and a lot of static electricity will be generated. However, when using the steel filing cabinet supplier, you don't have to worry too much about this problem, because the surface of the steel filing cabinet for storage is manufactured. When the electrostatic powder is sprayed, it can effectively prevent static electricity in the air, and can greatly reduce the adsorption of dust, which is very suitable for some large public office spaces.
In our previous knowledge, steel filing cabinet wholesale is usually used to store documents and books and other ordinary items, but in fact it does not stop there. Because the raw material is steel, it is the first to bear the brunt of safety and can be used for storage. Put some items that need to be protected, such as specimens, chemicals, exhibits, etc.; you can also store some hard and heavy items, such as maintenance tools, first aid kits, spare spare parts, etc., from these various types of storage, It can be seen that the steel filing cabinet supplier has a strong and abundant storage capacity.
For companies with a wide range of storage needs, the steel filing cabinet for storage can be matched with adjustable partitions, so that the storage space in the cabinet can be more in line with their various storage needs, and maximize the storage needs of users, as required by DBIN. The quality guarantee period of the steel filing cabinet for storage produced is 5 years. During the user's use, if the product has any problems due to our design, production, transportation, and installation, DBIN office furniture will make it within 12 hours after receiving the information. For the maintenance plan, technical and maintenance personnel will be dispatched to the site to solve the problem within 24 hours.