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Does your 3 drawer steel mobile file cabinet has these features?

Oct 03, 2023
People are always very busy in their working time, every moment is very important for them, so it is very essential that they have a conevnient file cabinet under their desk, steel file cabinets are popular with people now because its smooth surface processing. Besides, the steel materials has  a higher solidity and durability character, and is not prone to rust, and has a long service life. Among these steel file cabinets, you must heard the 3 drawer mobile file cabinet many times, if you are using this type file cabinet, pay attention that if your 3 drawer mobile file cabinet has these features!
Full-extension ball bearing drawer slides
Why your mobile file cabinet must have this feature. Many customers of DBin Office Furniture have used mobile file cabinets of other manufacturers before using DBin Office Furniture's. Basically, they have reflected the same problem, that is, the drawer cannot be opened completely. This makes it difficult to reach the innermost items in the drawer. But with the full-extension ball bearing drawer slides, you can easily reach your file and personal items.

Anti-tilt mechanism
What is the Anti-tilt mechanism of a file cabinet? I believe those people who has experienced such a stiuation will understand the important of Anti-tilt mechanism: when your mobile file cabinets load too much items in it, then while you are  pulling one of the drawers, the file cabinet body will easily topple over. Now, DBin Anti-tilt mechanism allows only one drawer to open at the same time to prevent the cabinet from tipping forward.

Organized three drawers
I know every 3 drawer steel mobile file cabinet features three drawers in total, but have you noticed the size of these three dawers? Are they has a reasonable size for you to organize your own stuff or your office files? DBin 3 drawer steel mobile file cabinet is eqippen with a dep hanging-file drawer with adjustable hanging bars goes A4, F4, letter and legal, and two additional small drawers, a pencil tray in the first drawer is for storing your office supplies. 

So now checking if your 3 drawer steel mobile file cabinet has these above features, if not, it is time foe you to change another mobile file cabinet manufacturer! You can learn more about DBin Office Furniture from official website: https://www.dbinofficefurniture.com/.  And you also can call us directly: 0086-15236153756, we will give you a best office file cabinet solution!