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china supplier steel tool cabinet for storage

Sep 28, 2021
The steel tool cabinet factory is structurally equipped with a pulley device at the bottom, which can effectively protect the cabinet from damage when placed or moved, and is convenient to handle with a forklift. The steel tool cabinet manufacturer can support customized designs and has a variety of surface colors. To meet the overall layout requirements of users.
In the process of using steel tool cabinet wholesale, you can freely choose to configure drawers of different heights according to your needs to fully meet the needs of the production site. At the same time, it can be equipped with a top frame with an oil-proof rubber pad to protect the placed items from damage and prevent The items slip and fall, which protects the health of the user and has a high safety factor.

The surface treatment of steel tool cabinet wholesale uses electrostatic spraying, which has good protection and strong adhesion. The outer structure is formed by molding, punching, folding, and assembly. For the steel tool cabinet factory cabinet body, the front door and the edge of the door are used The multiple bending process makes it difficult to damage clothes or articles during use, which is very convenient and practical.
The steel tool cabinet manufacturer adopts a concealed hinge, the device structure in which the hinge cannot be seen after the door is not opened, makes the product beautiful and tidy inside and out. The raw material is made of cold-rolled steel plate, which is firmly welded, and the appearance is smooth and tidy, without cracks, welds, etc. Defects such as slag inclusion and welding penetration will bring the best user experience to users. Each drawer of steel tool cabinet wholesale has a load of 80KG-100kg, which has good load-bearing capacity and can carry loads from various aspects with good use effects.
The drawer of steel tool cabinet wholesale can be opened by 90% each time it is drawn. The drawer is equipped with 3*3 dividers. The board and column adopt a unique bayonet design, and the special bayonet can ensure the reliability of the laminate. The steel tool cabinet for sale is installed. The special locks effectively protect the safety of the items.