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Trend of white 3 drawer mobile file cabinets under epidemic situation

Jun 10, 2022
Foreign trade industry has no advantages in 2020. The outbreak of the epidemic has had a huge impact on various industries at home and abroad, and the economy has seriously lagged behind. Affected by the epidemic, everyone chose to work online, and steel office furniture was severely affected. As the domestic epidemic situation gradually improved, people slowly returned to work in the office, and the steel office furniture gradually returned to normal.

During this period, DBin Office Furniture design team launched a new mobile file cabinets: 3 drawer white narrow side mobile file pedestal. A few days ago, DBin Office Furniture photography team took some photos of this new 3 drawer white mobile file pedestal. The following is this 3 drawer white narrow side mobile file pedestal:
This 3 drawer white narrow side mobile file pedestal is a new design, combined with the preferences of young people today, adding some other colors on the basis of the cabinet white, it is definitely an impressive 3 drawer white mobile file pedestal. It is also all steel structure, three drawers are used to store your office supplies and documents. The transparent folding lock adds a sense of fashion to the entire 3 drawer white mobile file pedestal, and it is also the best choice for you to decorate your office or home.
This 3 drawer white mobile file pedestal integrates fashionable elements, but it does not affect the function of its own file storage, and can also protect the security of files. The cabinet is very light, but it won't fall over easily, because the file cabinet has a Anti-tilt mechanism, which protects the safety of the files and protects your safety. In addition, this 3 drawer white mobile file pedestal is sprayed with environmentally friendly materials and will not harm your health. odorless.
As a foreign trade company, DBin Office Furniture has many years of export experience. Although the epidemic situation abroad is still not optimistic, DBin Office Furniture will do its best to complete customer orders. Distance would not be a problem for us, pls be free to contact us, this new 3 drawer white mobile file cabinet has a reasonable price now, order soon!