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Steel 2 drawer mobile pedestal file cabinet manufacturer

May 12, 2022
As we all know, Steel mobile file cabinets is used to store some important files and documents, meanwhile, ensure the safety of your files and personal items. Generally speaking, all steel office mobile file cabinets on the market have these two basic functions, but how to choose the best steel office mobile file cabinets from these varies of mobile file cabinets? Take the 2 drawer steel mobile pedestal file cabinet as an example, mobile file cabinets produced by different manufacturers may look similar, but in terms of functions and details, there are huge difference between them.
Drawer lining:
The internal heads of DBin office 2 drawer mobile file cabinets are double-layered. This design not only makes the 2 drawer mobile file cabinets more beautiful, but also prevents small items from falling into the seam. The inside of the general 2 drawer mobile file cabinets drawers are single-layer designs. Small items such as Ruler and pen, once dropped, it is difficult to take out.
Three-section slide rail:
DBin office 2 drawer mobile file cabinet is a Three-section slide rail. This design fully takes into account the needs of customers. You must have encountered this situation: when you open the drawer, there only pull out 2/3 of the drawer, then when you want to take the innermost thing, it will be very laborious. However,with this three-section slide rail, the drawer 2 drawer mobile file cabinets could be pulled out completely, and you can easily get what you want.
The stability of the mobile file cabinets:DBin steel office 2 drawer mobile file cabinets proposed a solution, which is to design a small hole in each drawer. This small hole can maintain the stability of other drawers when one of drawers are used, thereby enhancing the stability of entire Cabinet.
The quality can be seen most from details. DBin steel office 2 drawer mobile file cabinets are not afraid of accepting your test. As long as you have any needs about (2 drawer) mobile file cabinets, you can message DBin Office Furniture's customer service at any time. DBin Office Furniture will provide you with the best solution!