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The reason why mobile cabinets are becoming more and more popular

Jun 18, 2022
As the name suggests, metal mobile pedestal are file cabinets that can be moved, so why should file cabinets be designed for mobile use? Here we will briefly introduce the use characteristics of the mobile cabinet.
1. Flexible movement, easy to use
For the steelcase universal mobile pedestal, the initial design concept is small, convenient, and can be used flexibly. It is very clear to the staff who are often in contact with documents. In many cases, due to work needs, a lot of documents need to be called, so it will appear Many situations that need to be moved back and forth not only consume the physical strength of the staff, but also affect the work efficiency. This situation has rarely happened since the mobile cabinet was in place.
2. Safe and reliable, reliable protection
For a product, its performance is very important, but safety performance is also important. In our daily work, it is always inevitable that some fire-like events will occur. Then, for example, when a fire occurs For many organizations, file information is very important. If it is swallowed and destroyed by fire due to failure to protect it, it will be a great loss. If your office is using mobile cabinets to store documents, then you You can rest assured that the office mobile pedestal is made of thick and high-quality cold-rolled steel plates, and the surface is sprayed with electrostatic powder. It has a certain fire protection effect, so the movable cabinet can maximize the safety protection of important documents in the cabinet.
3. Disassembly and assembly design, easy to install
In fact, the file cabinets were originally designed as whole installations, but in order to meet the market demand, there are also many steel file cabinets that use disassembly and assembly design, of course, including the mobile cabinets we mentioned today. Due to the disassembly and assembly design, the transportation is convenient, the assembly is convenient, and the purchase After returning, assembling according to the given instructions can be done by people who are completely inexperienced.
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