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The feature of steel 2d1f mobile pedestal

Dec 23, 2021
This steel 2d1f mobile pedestal factory uses the handle, the steel plate is formed at one time, the material is uniform cold-rolled steel, does not take up external space, and is ergonomic. The steel 2d1f mobile pedestal factory has a stationery box, file hanging strips and dividers the board is available for selection, and the details are fully humanized.
The regular color of steel 2d1f mobile pedestal wholesale is white. The color required by customers can be customized. Because of its strong usability, it can be used in office-related places. Steel 2d1f mobile pedestal factory is mostly used to store personal items. Storage and office file storage, maximum storage of items in a small area.

In the use of steel 2d1f mobile pedestal wholesale, if non-artificial damage occurs during use, such as cracks in the cabinet of steel 2d1f mobile pedestal factory, or other use problems, customers can contact at any time DBin's after-sales personnel, the warranty period is 5 years.
Steel 2d1f mobile pedestal manufacturer's cabinets are optional. Usually, there are stationery boxes, file hanging strips, and dividers on the first floor, which show a humanized design; it can help people to better store and sort them. The second layer has a large-capacity space, and the third layer is equipped with hanging fishing, which can be better used to store letter size and legal size files.
Steel 2d1f mobile pedestal wholesale on the locks, there are a variety of locks to choose from (ordinary locks, password locks), DBin can provide customized mobile pedestal with different configurations of two, three, and four pumps, and the choices are more diversified. The steel 2d1f mobile pedestal factory file hanger is adjustable, so don’t worry about it being difficult to hang or use.