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Advantage of DBin 3 drawer steel mobile pedestal

Feb 07, 2021
Mobile pedestal is generally used to match the work table to play an auxiliary role in work. It is better for you to choose a steel mobile pedestal, which is very convenient for you to move it wherever you want.

Among these steel mobile pedestals, 3 drawer steel mobile pedestal is the most popular one with the workers. here are some reasons:

Its reasonable heighth: H600*W390*D500, You won’t feel very uncomfortable when you bend down to look for documents. Its heighth is more suitable for most desks.

3 drawer steel pedestal is suitable for home and office. The shape of 3 drawer steel pedestal is changeable and there are various colors to choose, which makes it get a much stronger feeling of decoration.

DBin steel office furniture has a strict multi-layer quality control process to ensure the product delivery qualified rate, you donn't worry about the quality of products. Besides, DBin 3 drawer mobile pedestal's dimension design is the most reasonable, which make the most use of the cabinet body.you can customize the color and demention of products by email us at sales@DBinofficefurniture.com.