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steelcase grey 3d mobile pedestal customized

Oct 19, 2023
The grey 3d mobile pedestal factory can store everything from daily office supplies to important paperwork during daily use. The 5 casters allow you to roll the base under the work surface or wherever you need it, ensuring that everything is always within reach and. A file drawer at the bottom can accommodate hanging folders of A4, F4, letter size and legal size. Grey 3d mobile pedestal wholesale adopts a durable and high-quality structure, which can add a professional atmosphere to your office or home.
grey 3d mobile pedestal wholesale on the lock, the built-in lock with 2 keys can fix all 3 drawers, these drawers run smoothly on ball bearing slides to ensure the safety of your documents; 2 supply drawers with pencil trays And 1 file drawer provide ample storage space and fully expand for easy access. Grey 3d mobile pedestal factory can reshape your work space, keep office supplies in order, and archive important documents to create a compact storage solution .

Grey 3d mobile pedestal supplier is a modern office furniture with a large space. In addition to the three-drawing design, users can choose the corresponding storage space according to their needs, which is more diverse. The size of grey 3d mobile pedestal supplier is H650 *W390*D500mm, it also supports customized design, has a long service life and good fire resistance.
The grey 3d mobile pedestal wholesale is more durable in structure. The whole body is made of sturdy steel structure, which has good load-bearing capacity. The total weight can reach 330 pounds. The first drawer comes with a pencil tray, the file drawer bears 50 kg, and the base Comes with anti-tilting stable wheels, grey 3d mobile pedestal wholesale can lock three drawers with one lock, hidden handles, the design is more perfect, easy to assemble.
Usually each desk is equipped with a grey 3d mobile pedestal factory, which is convenient for storing your personal belongings, neater and cleaner. With the good performance of grey 3d mobile pedestal wholesale, it will be an ideal choice for your home and office, for the world Users everywhere provide maximum convenience.