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China supplier metal yellow 2 door locker storage

Oct 19, 2023
The metal yellow 2 door locker manufacturer is made of cold-rolled steel plate. The material is lighter and the size is 1850h*380*450mm. The color and other types of sizes can also be customized according to user needs, and the surface can be better cleaned. At the same time, metal yellow 2 door locker supplier's moisture-proof and mildew-proof function is also very powerful. It only needs careful maintenance during daily use. It is very durable and has a service life of more than 5 years.
The full range of metal yellow 2 door locker factory provided by DBin is specially designed for heavy use and storage. The number of doors is on the basis of 2 floors. At the same time, there are single, double, three, and six layers for different storage. Users who need to choose, metal yellow 2 door locker factory provides competitive prices, and provides the most comfortable storage experience to customers all over the world.

The metal yellow 2 door locker wholesale has a stylish appearance. The surface is treated with electrostatic powder spraying. The structure is firm. The disassembly and assembly structure plus professional export packaging ensure the safety during transportation and the convenience of assembly. Each product provides installation instructions. After the user receives the product, the assembly can be completed within 4-6 minutes, which ensures the normal use of the customer.
The metal yellow 2 door locker supplier conducts inspections during the production process to avoid any mistakes and 100% re-inspection before packaging. It doubles to ensure that all products are perfect. The packaging uses polyfoam lining and multi-layer cartons to protect the product. Safety, anti-tilting mechanism, can maintain the good stability of the metal yellow 2 door locker factory.
Each door of the metal yellow 2 door locker wholesale has an independent key, and each key corresponds to a lock, which greatly improves the safety of stored items and respects the privacy of users. At the same time, the vent design of the metal yellow 2 door locker factory It can maintain a good air circulation design to keep the interior dry, prevent the growth of bacteria in the cabinet, and eliminate unpleasant odors. The cabinet also has adjustable shelves and closet rods for placing uniforms, work shirts and jackets. Office supplies, industrial equipment, household and garden tools or other important items provide ample space.