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steel modern design smart intelligent cabinet supplier

Sep 10, 2023
The smart intelligent cabinet factory uses cold-rolled steel, which does not fade. The products are environmentally friendly. After cutting, stamping, welding and other processes, the door can be opened intelligently. You can choose to swipe card, fingerprint, password, etc. The smart intelligent cabinet manufacturer has a variety of colors Diverse, customizable designs, diverse identification methods, support for customized access identification methods of smart lockers, diversified access methods, can be selected according to actual needs, high security, simple access operations, and use No consumables are needed, which is convenient and environmentally friendly.
Smart intelligent cabinet wholesale, suitable for factories, enterprises, schools, institutions and other places. It facilitates the temporary storage or long-term storage of handbags, clothing, shoes and hats and other valuables and personal belongings, which satisfies people's storage and safe custody of items The operation interface of smart intelligent cabinet wholesale is convenient, convenient and simple, beautiful and generous, stable and reliable, and can support the connection with school IC cards, corporate employee cards, etc., and expand the card function.

In the process of use, the administrator of the smart intelligent cabinet factory can enter the management menu by entering the management password. The administrator can implement all operations on the smart locker, set the user's opening method, the number of doors, and the maintenance equipment. Fully clear and fully open door or single box door, system date and time, modify user password and other functions. When designing smart intelligent cabinet manufacturer, we have fully considered the emergency opening plan. Each box door has an independent mechanical emergency door opening device. In the event of a sudden power failure or electric lock failure, the administrator can also open the emergency unlocking lock to manually open the box. It is equipped with a backup power supply. After the power is turned off, it can be used normally for not less than four hours. After the power is turned off, the cabinet access data is automatically saved.
The smart intelligent cabinet factory’s 1980*900*500mm, the inner packaging uses foam and pearl cotton between the various parts, and the outer packaging uses a standard 5-layer export corrugated box or wooden box. The smart intelligent cabinet for sale specifically uses a The piece-by-box mode ensures product safety during transportation and can be used outdoors, schools, hospitals, companies, factories, hotels, etc.
The system of the smart intelligent cabinet factory has the function of AC and DC power detection, which can be indicated on the display screen. At the same time, the system has a low-voltage automatic detection function and alarm function to ensure the stability of the system. The smart intelligent cabine supplier can better save idle resources, open to the masses in a way of unmanned management and sharing, and anyone can scan the code. While the use brings convenience to the masses, it also makes full use of idle resources and prevents the waste of resources.