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2023 china smart storage locker wholesale

Sep 10, 2023
The functions of Smart storage locker factory have met diversified market demands of different types and levels. Zhenyao smart locker system not only has the characteristics of stable performance, safety and reliability, but also has the advantages of beautiful appearance and easy use, which can better serve the majority of users and improve the image of the unit. With the continuous improvement of the social level, the scope and influence of the market also continue to expand. smart storage locker supplier has been widely used in various fields such as communications, medical care, post and telecommunications, electric power, education, railways, schools, companies, factories, hospitals and so on. Smart lockers and lockers can also be used in saunas, supermarkets, bath centers, gymnasiums, swimming pools, libraries and other places with large passenger flow and high mobility.
In the process of storage, smart storage locker factory supports TCP/IP with RJ45 as the interface, convenient access to the local area network to realize remote verification and other functions. For the management password, it can realize functions such as forced unpacking, clearing, setting, and querying. There is an infrared real-time detection system, and you can choose to refuse to close the door or take care of illegal storage. The language of china smart storage locker for sale is Chinese, English is the main language, and other language types can also be set for customers all over the world. Provide convenience.

Structurally, the china smart storage locker for sale is made of an electromagnetic single-tongue mechanical lock with an electric control lock, and the surface is hot-coated zinc anti-rust treatment, which can normally realize the computer control cabinet door cabinet, automatic open box, password forced open box, and mechanical forced open box. The operation of the China smart storage locker manufacturer is very convenient and practical. The settings, display time, and basic faults of the china smart storage locker manufacturer can be automatically detected and notified. The work operation is controlled and managed by the central CPU, and the cabinet doors and various cabinets are assigned. Status, the smart locker lock control panel is responsible for opening each cabinet door of the box.
In the process of using china smart storage locker manufacturer for goods storage, customers can choose non-contact ID card as the access certificate, and unique ID card recognition function, which has strong reliability and the card reading time of china smart storage locker supplier. Short, simpler operation method, convenient to use, providing users with highly accurate and efficient object storage and retrieval services.
china smart storage locker manufacturer is the most advanced self-storage equipment on the market. The key of the product is composed of cabinet, cabinet and main control unit. The main control unit includes internal microcomputer, liquid crystal display, ESPON thermal print head, Operating keyboard, barcode reader and other key components, the internal microcomputer of china smart storage locker for sale controls the access operation of the cabinet, which is safe and convenient. If in the process of use, there are no items stored according to the normal storage operation. When opened, the system will automatically pop open the box door. If the set number of times is exceeded, the system will automatically switch to save without popping open the box door. When the number is reached, the box door will be closed when there is no item in the box, and the illegal box opening will be automatically cleared. The number of times, so that customers do not have to worry about the problem of missing storage items, to give customers greater assurance.