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steel mobile pedestal with cushion

Apr 11, 2018
Mobile pedestal cabinits is essential for workers now, because one filing cabinet can take a large number of folders and materials, which can bring prople a clean and comfortable office environment.

Why is everyone inclined to use steel mobile pedestal cabinets now? Compared with wooden furniture, the basic material of the steel mobile pedestal is cold-rolled steel plate. Steel does not release phenols that are harmful to health, and it also fireproof, not easy to deform.

DBin Office Furniture has a long-term coporation with Hebei Yangang, Hebei Yangang has a long history, and has developed into an important High-quality sheet production base in China. The surface of the steel plate raw material is smooth, which proves the smooth surface of our mobile pedestal cabinets and ensure that products in production and processing do not have burrs. And the grade of steel is also a level.

DBin Office Furniture provides the best steel mobile pedestal cabinets for you. DBin steel office furniture has many kinds of types of  steel mobile pedestal cabinets with different colors for you to choose. Especially this steel pedestal with cushion. They get their name from when they supported worksurfaces and provided paper filing at a desk. Now they provide a place for all those things you bring to work. 

If you have any questions about the steel mobile pedestal, you can email us at sales@dbinofficefutniture. com or call us at 0086-15236153756, we will reply you as soon as possible.

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