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Production process of DBin steelcase mobile pedestals

Apr 26, 2020
Why can DBin Office Furniture provide you with a high-quality pedestals? Why does DBin Office Furniture have this confidence to ensure the quality of our mobile pedestals? After you know the production process of DBin, you will get the anwer!

First of all, DBin's core product is steel mobile file pedestals, which means that DBin Office Furniture is specialized in producing this kind of product, and has rich experience in the steel furniture industry . This is the premise of a high-quality product.

DBin Office Furniture has the most advanced production equipments in the industry. Start with the Sheet metal cutting machine, after the materials arrived at DBin steel mobile file pedestals factory, in the normal case,
The cold rolled sheet should be cut into the required size under the joint work of Decoiler machine and Sheet metal cutting machine, but now only need an automatic Sheet metal cutting machine, you can get the required size of the product. This machine need less manpower, spend less time, and the most important thing is that it has a higher accuracy, not easy to make mistakes. 

Besides this, Mechanical arm is also a featured equipment of DBin steel Furniture, it plays a very important role in the production process of DBin's steel mobile pedestals. Through Device positioning, the stability of the product can be directly guaranteed.

At present, it takes about 50s to weld a frame by the Mechanical arm, which greatly speeds up the daily production of the steel mobile pedestals.

DBin Office Furniture not only has the most advanced production equipment in the industry, but also has many experienced workers with more than ten years of operating experience in the industry, which is undoubtedly a great advantage of DBin Office Furniture in producing steel mobile file pedestals.