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Steel mobile pedestal file cabinet 3 drawer black

May 06, 2020
Generally speaking,mobile pedestal file cabinet can be divided into wooden mobile pedestal file cabinet and steel mobile pedestal file cabinet. However, the survey shows that the service life of the wooden file cabinets is not as long as that of the steel mobile pedestal file cabinets, because it is not moisture-proof and easy to attract some insects and ants.Therefore, more and more people start to use steel mobile pedestal file cabinet rather than the wooden ones. steel mobile pedestals ie the trend in the mobile pedestal file cabinet industry.

Among these steel mobile pedestals, the black steel mobile pedestals is the most chioce of people, because black stands for mystery, cool and solemn, black steel mobile pedestals very suitable for modern home and office environment. 

DBin black steel mobile pedestals has five types mobile pedestals for you to choose:Side open, Handle Type, Full Finger Handle Type, Narrow Edge, Round Edge, and the hottest 3 drawer steel mobile pedestals can meeet many demands of pedestal users. 
The dimension of 3 drawer steel mobile pedestals is H600*W400*D500, and this kind of pedestal has four casters with 360°rotation(the first two casters can be locked). There is another fifth caster called anti-tilt wheel on the file drawer, even though there are  lots of files in it, you still can pull and push it smoothly.

The most important thing is that you needn't worry the problem of falling paint dur to the long time-use.steel mobile pedestal file cabinet has a higher adsorption force with the powder, and DBin office pedestals has advanced spraying technology and equipments, which ensure this king of problem will no longer exist.

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