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Mobile 3 Drawer steel Lockable White Under Desk Pedestal

May 06, 2020

People working in the office know that it is very important to have a mobile pedestal where documents and personal belongings can be stored. This not only helps to organize your own space and make your work place look orderly, but also guarantees the safety of your personal belongings. However, the space of office is limited, so people usually put the lockable mobile pedestals under desks.

One steel lockable pedestal under desk can indeed help you save you a lot of time. Generally speaking, most people wll choose the 3 Drawer mobile steel Lockable pedestals under desk, the reason is that it has a large capacity to place more stuff. You can put your files in the third drawer, the third drawer also called file drawer, it can hang A4 size,letter size or legal size or any others size files. And you can easily reach yout files when you have a steel mobile pedestals under desk.

Mobile pedestals occupy an important position in office furniture. The design and production of Mobile pedestals are directly related to corporate image.Why the size of the steel mobile pedestals design is very important, because the limited space in the office determines the height of the mobile pedestals should be lower than the height of desks. This "under desk" design can not only add more places for storing items, but also reduce the clutter of desktop, making the space more neat and tidy.

DBin office steel mobile pedestals has a reasonable design of product size, which can meet the use needs of various stations and meet the ergonomic design. Moreever,the top of mobile pedestals is made of  0.7mm steel plate, which makes the mobile pedestals more  stronger and load-bearing.Besides, there are three color for you to choose: white, black, grey, or you can choose customized colors, white 3 Drawer steel lockable pedestals under desk is currently the best-selling one, it is also one of our hot selling products.

DBin Office Furniture also provide you with four different kinds of lock: Transparent folding lock, Mechanical combination lock, Electronic combination lock, Fingerprint lock. You can indicate which one you like to suit your mobile pedestals in the order, and we will follow it to produce the best steel Lockable mobile pedestals under desk. You can email us at sales@dbinofficefurtniture.com if you have any questions, we will reply you as soon as possible.