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steel assembled design 4 door storage locker wholesale

Sep 15, 2023
4 The size of door storage locker wholesale is H1800*W900*D420mm, cold-rolled steel plate material, surface electrostatic powder spraying, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, odorless, maximizing the organization, classification and storage of documents and books, and improving work efficiency , The welding of 4 door storage locker factory is very strong in structure, the surface is flat and smooth, and the design of the double door is adopted, which is very convenient when taking documents.
The unique design of 4 door storage locker for sale, combined with the handle function, is beautiful and elegant. It can not only store books, but also store documents and materials in categories. The storage system is designed with reasonable design and exquisite craftsmanship. The function of 4 door storage locker factory Improve the standard size of various documents into categories and prepare them for future expansion, and plan a complete storage system for you to save documents.
4 door storage locker for sale has a modern and fashionable design. There are adjustable shelves in the cabinet. The bottom of the shelf is equipped with stiffeners and horizontal buckles. The load capacity is stronger, up to 40-80kg, aluminum alloy slide rails, push The door is quiet and smooth. The top of the steel tambour door cabinet wholesale has a shock-absorbing pad to reduce the noise of opening and closing the door. There is a gap pad at the bottom to prevent the door from falling and reduce the gap. The top plate and the cabinet are connected by screws to make the whole frame more stable. .

The detachable mechanism of 4 door storage locker manufacturer can be used in flat packaging. The 4 door storage locker factory has external ventilation holes to ensure good ventilation. The full-length door stiffener is suitable for each door to achieve high rigidity of the door panel and long service life. , With a 10-year quality guarantee.
4 door storage locker manufacturer can be widely used in various places, such as dormitories, schools, offices, dust-free workshops, swimming pools, gymnasiums, major university bathrooms, beach baths, fitness clubs, bathing centers, stations, subway stations, etc. 4 door storage locker for sale, after phosphating and anti-rust treatment, using electrostatic spray, it does not cause harm to the human body and the surrounding environment, is non-toxic, has no side effects, has no peculiar smell during use, and the height of the laminate is adjustable, which is convenient for storing items in different areas. .