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fashion style steel cupboard manufacturer

Sep 16, 2021
The size of the steel cupboard factory is H1000*W900*D450mm, or customized design according to customer requirements. The cabinet has a large space and can accommodate a variety of items. The steel cupboard factory uses high-quality SPCC cold-rolled steel plates with a thickness of 0.4- It is optional between 1.2mm, and the surface has undergone pickling, phosphating, and electrostatic powder spraying treatment to prevent paint peeling and rust. It is environmentally friendly and protects the user's safety.
steel cupboard supplier uses disassembly and assembly structure in structure, which is convenient for transportation. In packaging, foam plastic and pearl cotton are used for inner packaging, and standard 5-layer carton is used for outer packaging to protect the safety of goods during transportation. Steel cupboard wholesale Adjustable shelves, freely arrange A4 or A8 files according to your needs, the carrying capacity of each shelf reaches 50-60kg,the very durable buckle supports the storage cabinet shelf and makes it easy to install the shelf.
Each door of steel cupboard for sale has business cards or air outlets, which are well ventilated. Cam locks, padlocks, password locks and electronic locks are provided on the locks, providing users with diversified choices. The new patented structure of steel cupboard supplier , Make the product more rigid, support OEM and ODM services.

The appearance of steel cupboard wholesale is generous, with built-in changing mirrors and hangers. It has a wide range of use and is more suitable for companies, schools, nurseries, sports fields, dormitories, etc. The steel cupboard factory is easy to install, and customers can follow the attached instructions before using it. The installation can be completed within 6-10 minutes. The price is practical and economical, and is highly praised by customers.
Steel cupboard supplier has two management keys during production, which is convenient for users to use and keep. The reinforcing ribs of the full-length door are suitable for each door of the steel cupboard factory to achieve high-hardness door panels. Before leaving the factory, DBIN will protect the products. The drop test guarantees the quality qualification of each locker. We give customers a 10-year quality guarantee. If any problem occurs during the use of the customer, our after-sales customer service will solve it as soon as possible.