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Steel 4 drawer filing cabinet for supplier

Nov 16, 2021
The anti-scratch and anti-chip powder-coated steel of Steel filing cabinet for wholesale provides this machine with certain strength and durability, which can ensure the long-lasting durability of the file, and the aluminum handle adds a sense of fashion, making it easier to open the drawer without getting stuck Live, the ball slide rail has been fully extended, can make the drawer open and close smoothly, and make the dbin office furniture 4 drawer filing cabinet in and out of documents, can become simple.

For convenience, all drawers in steel 4 drawer filing cabinet manufacturer can hold letters or hanging documents of legal size. The central locking system fixes both sides of each drawer to ensure your information security and protect your personal information. Will be leaked, the built-in interlocking system prevents multiple drawers from being opened at one time to reduce the risk of overturning documents. The Steel filing cabinet for wholesale includes a horizontal slide to compensate for uneven ground.

The dbin office furniture 4 drawer filing cabinet supplier has been certified and has a high-quality and smooth surface that is easy to care for. The raw materials used by the manufacturer Steel filing cabinet are environmentally friendly and pollution-free, and have a long service life.

The steel 4 drawer filing cabinet factory has 4 document drawers, which can hold letter/legal size hanging documents. The fully-extended ball slide rails can slide forward smoothly. It is a fully assembled structure. It is made of Steel filing cabinet for wholesale. The size is 42" Wx19.25" Dx53.25" H, and the weight is 231.00 pounds, which has a strong bearing capacity.

In the transportation, after the customer pays, we will send you the factory Steel filing cabinet as soon as possible to ensure that you can receive our dbin office furniture 4 drawer filing cabinet supplier in the shortest possible time, and then use it happily, our more For product information, please remember to visit our official website: dbinofficefurniture.com