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Processing of 3 drawer white steel mobile pedestals

Apr 27, 2020
According to the market research of steel mobile pedestals, 3 drawer white steel mobile pedestal is currently the most popular steel mobile pedestal on the market. Because 3 drawer steel mobile pedestal has a relatively large capacity, which is suitable for people in the office to store and organize their own documents and personal items, and the white steel mobile pedestals can be matched with various styles of offices. So I would like to show you how the white 3 drawer steel mobile pedestal is made in this article.

First, after purchasing the raw materials from Hebei Handan Steel, if the raw materials donnot have any problems after being inspected, the workers can start to make the steel mobile pedestals. The first step is to cut the material, that is, these cold-rolled steel plates will be cut into what the customers's required.

The second step is Punching mould.thai is, the workers place an exert external force  on the metal sheet by Presses and Abrasives to get the required size and shape of steel mobile pedestals.

After getting the shape required by the mobile pedestals, the next step is Bending, that is, using the equipped mold to bend the metal sheet in the cold state into workpieces of various geometric cross-sectional shapes.Next,We need to connect the panel, frame and gap of steel mobile pedestals by welding, which requires a high precision in the previous steps.

DBin Office Furniture 3 drawer steel mobile pedestals has three different colors for you to choose: white,black,grey. As for the white steel mobile pedestals, DBin Office Furniture will spray the finished cabinet panels and frames with the colors required by customers in the powder spraying stage.

DBin Office Furniture also provides you with six different packing ways, you can pick any one that you like according to your need, just share your ideas with us by email: sales@dbinofficefurniture.com, tell us what you need!