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Product Narrow Edge 3 drawer steel mobile file pedestal for sale

Jul 15, 2022
Now friends who want to buy steel mobile file cabinets must payattention! In order to better meet the needs of different customers, DBin Office Furniture has specially launched a new narrow-edge 3 drawer mobile file cabinet. This type mobile file cabinet looks very similar to the handle type mobile file cabinets, but if you look carefully, you will find that there is a certain difference between the two of mobile file cabinets: the edge of the narrow-side mobile file cabinet is very narrow, which makes the movable file cabinet overall look more beautiful and fashionable!

Now people often consider a very important issue when buying mobile file cabinets, that is, environmental protection. One of the biggest characteristics of modern office furniture is to meet the requirements of environmental protection! Therefore, from product design, manufacturing, delivery and every product lifecycle, narrow-edge 3 drawer mobile file cabinet consider the influenceon people and enviroment, try many new product technology to make things better.

In addition to being more beautiful, the narrow-edge 3 drawer mobile file cabinet can also help you easily store customer files or personal documents. The file cabinet unit is equipped with a ball bearing suspension system, which allows you to effortlessly open and close drawer and cassette file units. This type of mobile file cabinet is also made of steel and has long-lasting strength.

Each narrow-edge 3 drawer mobile file cabinet will be equipped with five wheels. The load-bearing capacity of each wheel is at least 25kg. You can choose to install a cushion on the top of the mobile file cabinet. It can instantly become a comfortable stool for you to rest!  WIth a good appearence, Narrow-edge 3 drawer mobile file cabinet also is a competitively priced pedestal, offering innovative, lightweight and sturdy design. Available in a range of sizes and colours, Narrow-edge 3 drawer mobile file cabinet design complements our desking ranges.

If you have used DBin mobile file cabinets, then I don't need to say more. You must have a certain understanding of DBin file cabinet products and services. If you haven't used DBin mobile file cabinets, you don't need to hesitate. DBin Office Furniture have reasonable prices and impeccable quality. You have no reason not to choose DBin Office Furniture!