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Dtails of DBin steel mobile pedestals

Apr 30, 2020
If you ask me how to choose steel mobile pedestals, I will answer you quickly:Details! Some small details of steel mobile pedestals are really very important for a mobile pedestals in using and its appearence.

The four corners of DBin steel mobile pedestals drawers are curved, which is more beautiful than those with square edges and corners.With these curved corners, you will not eaily hurt when you are pulling and pushing the drawer.

Small dimensional tolerances and uniform gaps.DBin steel mobile pedestals apply the most advanced equipments in the mobile pedestals industry, like Automatic cutting and shearing machine, Pneumatic punch, Mechanical arm,CO2 shielded arc welding. These devices greatly reduce steel mobile pedestals's dimensional tolerances and have higher accuracy.

The surface of DBin steel mobile pedestals is more evenly sprayed. Whether the sprayed surface of steel mobile pedestals is uniform is closely related to spraying process.DBin steel mobile pedestals will be cleaned and Dry thoroughly before spraying the cabinet, the purpose of cleaning and drying is to enhance the adhesion between the powder and the steel mobile pedestals when spraying. Besides, The temperature of the Solidified Kang is also important. The temperature of Solidified Kang of DBin steel mobile pedestals is maintained at 180 degrees Celsius. Each cabinet needs to be kept inside for 20 minutes, so that the spraying on the cabinet surface is smoother and more uniform.

DBin Office Furniture has many years of experience in making steel mobile pedestals, focusing on the needs of customers, constantly improving production processes, improving production capacity, paying attention to details, and aiming to provide customers with the best steel mobile pedestals.