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How to solve the problems of file storage in your office

Jun 02, 2022
In our busy work every day, we are exposed to a variety of files at most. In terms of file storage, the most headache for us are the following three problems:
First, there are too many files but insufficient storage space! The second is that the file cabinet does not have a function to classify files, which leads to a siuation where we need take a long time to find a paperwork every time, which will affect work efficiency! The safety of files is very important to the company, so we must ensure the safety of the files after work!

It is not so difficult to solve these three file storage problems, just a 3 drawer filing cabinets is enough! There are five interior compartments inside this filing cabinet, giving you plenty of storage and organizing options. There are also three file drawers, two different drawer sizes, the smaller size is W330*D460*H70mm, you could put some office suppliers in it, there is also a Stationery box in it, wich is more convenient for you. The bigger one is W330*D460*H246mm, it is deep enough to store all sizes of file folders. 
There is an adjustable divider in the third drawer of 3 drawer filing cabinet,  for keeping file folders in place, if you have many different sizes of file papers, that would be great for your files storage. When you sort your files well, then it is not a problem any morewhen you need to find a needed paerwork in your busy work life! The hanging file drawer, meanwhile, has full-extension glides for quick access to all folders.
DBin 3 drawer filing cabinets is made of steel, this file cabinet is strong enough to support the weight of a mid-sized laser printer, so no matter how much pressure we puts on it, it will not deform! Besides, This 3 drawer filing cabinets is equipped with an extremely safe lock, 1 Lock with 2 keys controls all 3 drawers, it is designed with an interlock system, which helps you open one drawer at a time.
If you need, DBin Office Furniture can also install wheels on the bottom of this 3 drawer filing cabinets. The convenience of casters is ideal for employees who regularly file documents, allowing them the option to pull the cabinet near them while monitoring incoming emails.  Therefore, if you are in the trouble of file storage, as long as you see this article, you can contact us as soon as possible. Our email: sales@DBinofficefurniture.com.