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office furniture steel storage cupboard price

Jun 08, 2023
The main material of metal cupboard factory/manufacture/supplier is dependent on steel products and production processing, steel products are durable, long-lasting, and corrosion-resistant, is the choice of steel storage cupboard for sale.

The production process of office furniture steel storage cupboard price is as follows.

Metal cupboard factory/manufacture/supplier choose 0.6-1.0mm high quality cold rolled steel plate, in order to ensure the quality of the product, the first step need to first flatten the steel plate, and automatically cut into the required length; shear plate using high precision shear, according to the drawing will be flattened plate cut into different sizes to ensure The size is accurate, hairless stamping CNC punching machines and various types of punching machines combined with a variety of large molds to achieve streamlined, standardized operations to ensure production efficiency and steel storage cupboard for sale quality, bending advanced equipment coupled with skilled workers to ensure office furniture steel storage cupboard price storage cupboard price with sharp angles and beautiful appearance. Welding the workpiece in the fixed tire tool, with CO2 protection welding or argon arc welding welding firmly, and then use the grinding machine slag, grinding flat spraying all the sheet metal parts of our products are strictly high-pressure washing, pickling, phosphating and other thirteen pre-treatment processes, the use of imported automatic spraying equipment, high-quality powder, to ensure that the products are strong environmental corrosion resistance, solid coating, flat and smooth, non-toxic and tasteless color consistency.
How to choose metal cupboard factory/manufacture/supplier?

Generally speaking office furniture steel storage cupboard price is divided into several doors, two doors three doors specifications are generally 900 * 420 \ 500 * 1850, the other even number of doors specifications are generally in 900 * 400 * 1900. steel storage cupboard For sale common specifications is high 1800mm * width 850mm * depth 390mm or high 1800mm * width 900mm * depth 400mm. to be determined according to the regular cabinet regulations of each production business, so the manufacturer's specifications shall prevail.

Steel thickness, finished thickness = steel thickness + 0.1mm thickness (plastic powder). metal cupboard factory/manufacture/supplier generally consists of two parts of material, the inner plate is thinner, measuring plate and door plate is thicker.

See office furniture steel storage cupboard price quality also depends on the internal structure of the cabinet spot welding technology, generally dense, solid goods on solid. office furniture steel storage cupboard price whether after pickling and phosphating If the steel storage cupboard price has not been pickled and phosphated, the plastic powder cannot be completely fused in the steel plate when spraying, and the quality of moisture resistance is poor.

DBin office furniture suggests that you do not want to be cheap when buying steel storage cupboard for sale, choose the steel plate is too thin cabinet, because the cabinet will be deformed over time, the paint is not well treated will also rust. If the office space is large enough, then the size of the steel storage cupboard for sale can also become larger, so that the size of the file cabinet and the size of the office space to match, not only to make the overall more coordinated, but also to meet the needs of the company's continuous development!
How to properly clean and maintain office furniture steel storage cupboard price?

First: find a clean rag, you can dip a small amount of water, and then the whole office furniture steel storage cupboard price to clean, after cleaning, you need to find a clean rag again to avoid metal cupboard factory/ After cleaning, you need to find a clean rag to clean again to avoid metal cupboard factory/manufacturer/supplier to leave the water stains caused by rust and other reasons!

Second: to maintain the metal cupboard factory/manufacture/supplier original brightness, you can choose professional care spray wax and cleaning maintenance agent. Care spray wax is mainly for wood, paint and other materials of the file cabinet, cleaning and maintenance agent for a variety of wood, glass, synthetic wood or Menai board and other materials of the file cabinet, especially for mixed materials of the file cabinet.

Third: do not use soapy water, detergent or water to clean furniture, soapy water, detergent and other cleaning office furniture steel storage cupboard price, not only can not effectively remove the dust that accumulates on the surface of the file cabinet, and because they have a certain corrosive, and thus will damagesteel storage cupboard for sale surface, so that the lacquer becomes dull.