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new design stainless metal cupboard for sale

Jun 08, 2021
Nowadays, new design stainless metal cupboard starts to adopt disassembling structure for the convenience of transportation. We DBin office furniture stainless metal cupboard for sale is very convenient to disassemble, the following we will introduce the disassembly stainless metal cupboard factory/supplier/manufacture The assembly process of stainless metal cupboard factory/supplier/manufacture/wholesale.
Before assembling, you have to sort all the components of wholesale price stainless steel cupboard for sale and check whether the quantity of each part matches and is complete against the data card. Of course, you have to check their integrity, the integrity of the components is very critical, without inspection rashly assembled will bring quality and safety hazards. Mainly look at the surface of the main configuration steel whether there is paint, burrs, dents and other problems. Then is to undertake the integrity of the accessories, to see whether the accessories have gaps, deformation, and other problems.

First group frame. Assemble the new design stainless metal cupboard first to stainless metal cupboard factory/supplier/manufacture/wholesale framework to build, to find out the back and side panels these parts, put a back plate and Two side panels with accessories to connect fixed for the work to be done later, in the screws and other connections to install, pay attention to the strength, and flatness can not be installed crooked, less installed, slippery silk and other phenomena.
Then install the door frame and side panels. Find wholesale price stainless steel cupboard for sale the front side of the door frame, and the above figure of the side of the rear panel to connect the combination, this process does not require accessories to connect, the way they are connected is slotted mutual hook, as long as you find the slot for the card can be placed, after the assembly is completed to stainless metal cupboard for sale is to inspect the opening and closing of the door, whether the opening and closing process is smooth, no strange noise, no jamming occurs.

Then is the middle waist, top plate and bottom plate. Find out the middle waist, top plate, bottom plate, installed in turn, screw fixing. This order is best not to change, this is the most reasonable order of installation, related to wholesale price stainless steel cupboard for sale the overall stability. The same screws and other components to ensure the integrity of the flatness.
The last is the internal partition. To first find out the small parts of the device partition, and confirm the number and integrity, and then set the height of the partition according to the use of the snap to fix the installation, then the entire disassembly stainless metal cupboard factory/supplier/manufacture/wholesale assembly work is completed.

stainless metal cupboard for sale is one of the most widely used filing cabinets, is an important member of the office furniture, because of the advantages of strong and durable, environmental health, etc., in most office spaces you will see their shadow.
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