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modern design steel tambour door cabinet supplier

Sep 15, 2021
The material of steel tambour door cabinet factory is made of cold-rolled steel plate, the size is H1800*W900*D450mm. It accepts customized design in color and size, which can be used to better store documents, books, magazines, and clothes. In terms of service, steel tambour door cabinet wholesale accepts OEM and ODM to give users the greatest convenience.
The surface of steel tambour door cabinet for sale is three-dimensionally sprayed, beautiful and durable, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, no particles, can realize the existing sorting, classification, and holding, and improve work efficiency. The welding manufacturing of steel tambour door cabinet for sale, open the door The design makes it more convenient to retrieve files.

3. The steel file cabinet has a very special border design combined with the handle function, which is beautiful and beautiful. It can be released, and it can also classify the documents. The storage system is reasonably designed, the craftsmanship is standardized, and the functions are perfect. The smaller and farther expansion is ready for you to save the files and materials and plan to delve into the preservation system.
The steel tambour door cabinet manufacturer has a detachable structure, which can be easily assembled and transported. The steel tambour door cabinet manufacturer uses a high-quality core replaceable key lock, which opens smoothly, is durable, easy to use, wear-free, has a long life, and has a built-in height. Adjustable shelf, you can easily adjust the space according to your requirements.
The track of steel tambour door cabinet manufacturer is mute, sliding smoothly, and does not fall off, which makes the product more convenient to use. In the packaging method, standard export cartons are used. Product sketches can be printed on the outside of the package. The steel tambour door cabinet for sale Internal protective packaging, foam materials, moisture-proof plastic, etc., ensure the safety of the product, and we can also make packaging according to your customized design.