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Modern black lockable pedestal 3 drawers

May 19, 2022
People pay more and more attention to the safety of themselves and personal belongings, especially the documents in the office, you must need to have a good file pedestals to keep them safe. People's security requirements directly promote the development of steel file pedestals. The security of the file pedestals mainly comes from two aspects, one is the material of the file pedestals , and the other is the lock equipped with the file pedestals.

As we all know, wooden file pedestals products are the easiest to grow insects or other insects, such a file pedestals would be a great detriment to the document if it were stored in it. Even if it isn't, many people need a lot of support for wood, and it's not that many supervisors have time to do it.The steel filing cabinet may just be able to solve this problem.Steel file pedestals because the material belongs to the thin steel system, there is no spare space, different steel file pedestals have different storage design, meeting the different needs of the office.
With Modern steel file pedestals with locks, the safety of your documents will never be a concern for you. In addition to its strength, all cabinets would have a secure lock that you can use to control access. Moreover, built to withstand up to 330 pounds of pressure, it is resistant to hammer attacks as well. 

The raw materials of DBin Office Furniture come from one of the important steel plate bases in China. The raw materials are of high quality and stable supply, so DBin Office Furniture has the ability to provide you with the best 3 drawer steel file pedestals. DBin Office Furniture has four kinds of locks for you to choose: transparent folding lock, mechanical combination lock, Electronic combination lock, fingerprint lock. Three-management to ensure the safety of your documents and personal belongings.
DBin steel lockable 3 drawer file pedestals has muti-types for you to choose: Side Open steel file pedestals, Full Finger Handle Type file pedestals, and Round Edge file pedestals,etc. here are our contact imformation: 
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