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industrial 9 door steel locker for sale

Oct 15, 2023
As a professional manufacturer of steel office furniture integrating scientific research, design, manufacturing, sales, installation and after-sales service, DBIN Office Furniture has passed quality and environmental certification. The factory is large in scale, strong, and has more than ten years of technological development and innovation. , Praised by customers all over the world, dbin insists on the high quality of the products and responsible after-sales service, so that consumers are absolutely assured, and it is more worthy of your support and trust.
9 The size of the door steel locker manufacturer is 1850*W900*D450mm, which has strong flexibility. It supports other sizes and colors and customized designs. It can be placed at will and combined freely. The lock supports code locks, code locks, Digital locks, ordinary key locks, fingerprint locks, three-point locks, etc., provide customers with a variety of choices and maintain safety. The surface of 9 door steel locker wholesale uses electrostatic powder coating, which is environmentally friendly and has no pollution and has strong anti-rust ability.

The structure of 9 door steel locker for storage has 1-2 adjustable shelves, each shelf can bear 30-35Kg, strong load-bearing, convenient storage, 9 door steel locker supplier has customized ventilation on the exterior structure The design of the opening ensures that the contents in the cabinet are ventilated and moisture-proof, air circulates, not easy to mold and produce peculiar smells, and the perfect seamless connection to protect the clothes makes the cabinet more smooth and beautiful.
9 door steel locker supplier undergoes strict treatment during the production process,Closed spraying ensures that the color of the cabinet is pure, soft, and feels extraordinary. 9 door steel locker wholesale's cabinet doors are equipped with reinforced braces and anti-collision glue devices to make the switch smooth and silent, sliding smoothly, and convenient for storage. The cabinet doors are subjected to strict force. The switch test meets the requirements of the national standard, which makes the user more convenient in the process of use.
9 door steel locker for storage has a wide range of applications, can be used for office, home, etc., has strong moisture and fire resistance, adopts a humanized design, simple and generous appearance, and the external structure can be divided into single-door and two-door , Three-door, four-door, etc., shoes can also be placed under the 9 door steel locker manufacturer. The interior also contains a makeup mirror, which is convenient for users to dress up to show the best image and give users the most comfortable experience.