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hot selling steel mobile pedestal with tambour door customized

Oct 15, 2023
The size of mobile pedestal with tambour door factory is W900*D450*H615mm, OEM and ODM are acceptable. During use, it can be widely used in offices, schools, homes, factories, sports, gyms, supermarkets, etc., mobile pedestal with Tambour door wholesale has a variety of styles to choose from, can be matched at will, with a complete range, suitable for a variety of scenes and spaces, with excellent anti-static function, outstanding impact resistance and chemical solvent resistance, beautiful appearance, high surface hardness, high scratch resistance excellent.
mobile pedestal with tambour door wholesale large capacity can be better storage, using thickened steel, in the process of use, environmental protection and odorless, will not take up too much space, can be stored freely, convenient to meet a variety of storage at the same time The surface of the mobile pedestal with tambour door supplier uses electrostatic spraying, which is brighter and more durable, and is equipped with multiple functions. The storage box is cleaner, with a universal wheel device, and the front two wheels have a brake function, which is not easy to move after being locked, and has high safety.

In terms of structure, it has a wide-sided design, which is beautiful and elegant. The mobile pedestal with tambour door manufacturer's plastic strips can be removed independently for easy replacement. It is equipped with a level adjustment device to prevent tipping. The mobile pedestal with tambour door manufacturer has a 25mm row of holes. , It is convenient and flexible to move the height of the shelf. The door hinge is specially designed to make the rolling door easy to remove and install. The opening and closing is light and easy, so that all documents are clear at a glance, and the access is very convenient need.
Mobile pedestal with tambour door wholesale (1-4) pieces of movable shelves are placed in the mobile pedestal with tambour door wholesale, the height can be adjusted freely according to the needs, maximize the use of space, provide a variety of height combinations, flexible combinations and collocations, can make full use and beautify you The office space, in a variety of colors and forms, is a good helper for distinguishing and identifying your documents. The mobile pedestal with tambour door factory's laminate load-bearing up to 60kg is safer.
The adjustable shelf of mobile pedestal with tambour door wholesale has been strengthened, and it is durable and can amplify files without deformation. Each cabinet door is equipped with a luxury lock that is safe and reliable. It is not easy to imitate, and the slide is drawn smoothly. Slippery, effortless, low noise, rolling door can be easily removed and installed, humanized design, easy to use, the structure of mobile pedestal with tambour door factory is a disassembly structure, convenient for transportation and storage, and can also be made according to customer needs whole outfit.