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office furniture metal locking 3d mobile pedestal with seat

Oct 15, 2023
The size of the 3d mobile pedestal with seat manufacturer is 1000*450*690mm. The raw material uses first-class cold-rolled steel plates. Since no heating is performed during the production process, the surface quality is high, the smoothness is high, and the dimensional accuracy of the cold-rolled plates is high. , The performance and organization of 3d mobile pedestal with seat supplier can meet some special requirements, with good cold bending and welding performance, and certain stamping performance. The surface uses thermosetting powder with excellent physical, chemical and decorative properties. Coatings have strong ductility.
3d mobile pedestal with seat factory uses aluminum alloy handles, which makes it easier to push and pull to open and close. It is simple and convenient and has a strong sense of technology. On the lock, the linkage bolt lock purchases a Chinese famous brand luxury lock. The surface of the high-grade zinc alloy die-casting lock core is chrome-plated. The lock head has stainless steel edging treatment, with management and lock core replacement functions. 3d mobile pedestal with seat supplier is on the track, using brand three-section compound silent fully drawn ball slides, and the drawer can be fully pulled out with low noise; the service life is up to 50000 Times or more.
3d mobile pedestal with seat wholesale has a good load-bearing capacity, with a load-bearing capacity of 30kg, no rust, and easy disassembly; the concealed buckle design prevents the drawer from falling, which is safe and reliable. The wheels are made of wear-resistant and impact-resistant materials. There are two kinds of brake and no brake, easy to use, 3d mobile pedestal with seat manufacturer can choose according to customer requirements, screw installation is simple and convenient.

The lines of 3d mobile pedestal with seat wholesale are elegantly woven, and the black standard drawer side panels are equipped with punching holes to facilitate the placement of dividers. 3d mobile pedestal with seat wholesale uses heavy-duty full-travel slide rails. The space design is very reasonable and the structure is stable. , Easy to use and beautiful, perfect office and private storage space.
3d mobile pedestal with seat supplier has a wide range of applications. It is mostly used for personal belongings storage and office file storage in the screen card slot. The maximum storage of items in a small screen area has a service life of more than 5 years. 3d mobile pedestal with The humanized design of seat factory gives users the most comfortable experience.