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Hot selling 3-drawer steel pedestal cabinet with casters

Jun 12, 2022
Nowadays more and more enterprises prefer to store files in steel file cabinets. While, there are various kinds of cabinets flooding in the market. How can we pick a good 3-drawer steel pedestal cabinet? DBin will introduce a Hot selling 3-drawer steel pedestal for you. Here are some useful tips as follows:

Inquire about raw materials of steel pedestal cabinet
At present, the materials of steel furniture popular on the market are generally divided into two types: Cold-rolled plate and galvanized plate.In contrast, the cold-rolled plate has more outstanding performance, the surface electrostatic spraying of Hot selling 3-drawer steel pedestal is more environmentally friendly, and make 3-drawer steel pedestal cabinet is more competitive in the market.
Observe the appearance of steel pedestal cabinet
Touch the surface of 3-drawer steel pedestal cabinet, use your finger to touch if the surface is smoothly or not. Look the apperance of the Hot selling 3-drawer steel pedestal, eliminate the possibility of flaws in appearance, Electrostatically sprayed pedestal cabinet don't smell bad, or has any bad odor.

Sample testing of steel pedestal cabinet
If you are a manufacturer of 3-drawer steel pedestal cabinet, and need to purchase in large quantities, and you are not at ease with the Hot selling 3-drawer steel pedestal, DBin provides sample testing services to let you be assured of the file cabinet, and a dedicated staff will explain the details for you.
QC Inspecting of steel pedestal cabinet
Customers can find a special quality inspection company for testing according to your own situation, or visit the factory directly. DBin will have a special staff to receive it and show you process of the 3-drawer steel pedestal cabinet. DBin welcomes new friends overseas.