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Flexible and convenient as "you"-mobile pedestal

Jun 19, 2022
1. Flexible movement, convenient for your use
For mobile pedestal, the initial design concept is small, convenient, and flexible. It is very clear for staff who are often in contact with documents. Many times, due to work needs, many documents need to be called, so it will appear Many situations that require moving back and forth not only consume staff's physical strength, but also affect work efficiency. Since mobile pedestal, this kind of situation has rarely happened.

2. Safe and reliable, reliable protection
For a product, its performance is very important, but safety performance is also important. In our daily work, it is always inevitable that some fire-like events will occur. Then, for example, when a fire occurs For many units, the file information is very important. If it is swallowed and destroyed by fire due to failure to protect it, it will be a great loss.
If you use office pedestal to store documents, then you can rest assured that the mobile pedestal drawer is made of thick and high-quality cold-rolled steel plates, and the surface is electrostatically sprayed, which has a certain fire protection effect, so steelcase mobile pedestal can be the most possible The file serves as a security protection.

3. One manpower for convenient office
Unlike other file cabinets, mobile pedestal with cushion
You can have one person, each person puts everyone's documents, office supplies, personal items, etc. And it is light and easy to move. In the case of moving offices, it is also very convenient to carry. Moreover, it will not be mistaken or damaged during operation.
4. Various styles and specifications
Metal mobile pedestal has many different styles and different specifications. There are many choices when buying, you can buy whatever you like. It can be said that it is the most economical and practical in the file cabinet. Inexpensive and functional.
Product performance
● The four universal wheels at the bottom of the mobile pedestal, two of which have a brake function, and a directional wheel under the big bucket box.
● The interlock device is more secure.
● Three sections of silent slide rail (with buffer function can be selected).
● Phosphorus-free environmental protection electrostatic powder coating surface coating.
● 35kg load capacity per drawer.