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factory cheap price 3 drawer steel lateral filing cabinet

Nov 03, 2020
DBin 3 drawer steel lateral filing cabinet is from henan ,china,The model is GS-14, the color is white, the office is ISO9001 certified, the thickness of the cheap price 3 drawer lateral filing cabinet is 0.5-1.0mm, the material is steel, it is easy to handle, and it has a high quality. The surface is electrostatic. Powder coating, the lock is a cam lock, every month we get a large number of orders from customers all over the world.
3 drawer steel lateral filing cabinet wholesale in terms of packaging details,
1. The KD structure is selected, which is easy to assemble. The parts of the steel lateral filing cabinet by supplier are made of foam, and the packaging is reasonable and not easy to shake. 2. The carton is 5 layers thick. 3. Can be customized according to customer requirements. 4. Each product has detailed installation instructions.
dbin 3 drawer steel lateral filing cabinet has experienced staff. After the customer purchases the steel lateral filing cabinet by supplier, if any problems arise, the professional after-sales staff will answer all your answers and questions in fluent English within 24 hours , To help you use our products better and increase the best experience for customers.
dbin office furniture is specialized in designing office furniture. All parts in 3 drawer steel lateral filing cabinet wholesale are 100% rust-proof technology, with anti-tilting mechanism, and insist on choosing the best raw materials. Reputation, the best quality manufacturer of raw materials.
In the field of steel furniture manufacturing in China, dbin office furniture has more than years of experience. During the production process, it adheres to strict quality control and sells directly through the manufacturer. This shortens the distance between the factory and the consumer, and thus in the To a large extent, profits can be given to consumers, and they can cooperate with consumers for a win-win situation.