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Designer cabinets with tambour doors from china manufacturers

Aug 06, 2022
Modernize your office with DBin tambour unit cabinets from china. Ideal office furniture for office worker. Suitable for interior designers, special planning office space, provide excellent office solutions for worker and designer.
DBin tambour door unit cabinets for designer come in two sizes and are easily placed under the table top to save space. Roll doors can be stored where space is limited. China tambour unit cabinets all made of steel and has excellent strength. 

Tambour door unit cabinets for designer has a durable powder-coated furnace glaze and elegant neutral colors, can be easily applied to any room concept. Soft color, suitable for all kinds of office space decoration, China tambour unit cabinets make your office space no longer boring.
The roll door is designed to slide and shrink smoothly to save space and provide access to the entire China tambour unit cabinets, providing a practical storage solution for any office. Slide doors provide good security and smoothly retract into the tambour door unit cabinets for designer, keeping office aisles and sidewalks unobstructed.
China tambour unit cabinets manufacturer have three height options, providing customized height and color, customers can choose according to their own space of the right size tambour unit cabinets for office, Chinese factory exports, with guarantee, trustworthy.