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DBin custom made office storage Tambour Unit For Sale

Jul 03, 2022
Tambour Unit is very convenient to install and use, so many families will also apply it to the installation of curtains, but you may not believe it, this Tambour Unit has moved to the kitchen, instead of the cabinet door!
Why would you want to use Tambour Unit instead of cabinet doors in the kitchen?

First of all, of course, the advantage of its ease of use and not occupying land. For many small-sized kitchens, the windows or corners of the operating table are also necessary for storage, playing lockers, and drawer design on the top. It is inconvenient to draw high, and the flat door will block the window or other In the operation space, there is always an area blocked by the sliding door into a blind area for handling. There is no need to pull out, nor worry about opening the door to one side, the blades can be pulled directly up and down, and the shutter axis of the Tambour Unit is directly blocked by the shutter blades, hidden in the cabinet, not only good-looking, 1㎡ counter space Not much.

Secondly, Tambour Unit can solve the problems of depression and ashes. Some people don’t like the kitchen filled with closed cabinets, it seems too depressed, so the operation table will be replaced with storage shelves, but it will face the problem of dust and oil smoke, Tambour unit, can be opened and closed, while achieving closed And open storage.
In addition, there are many types of materials available for Tambour Unit, such as aluminum alloy, glass, PVC...rolling door, which can improve the kitchen grade without pressure, let alone low cost, and save space greatly, durable and resistant to dirt and light, changeable colors, The leaf color of the roller shutter door can be selected according to the overall style and color of the kitchen to achieve the perfect invisible effect in the cabinet. Generally speaking, the kitchen chooses Tambour Unit instead of cabinet door, it is still worth learning.