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factory price steel tool cabinet in 2023

Sep 28, 2023
The size of the steel tool cabinet manufacturer is 630*400*920mm,and the bottom is equipped with a silent pulley, which is easy to slide and does not produce huge noise.The steel tool cabinet for storage has strong load-bearing capacity, plus novel design techniques, hooks and accessories. The boxes are reasonably embedded and easy to use, increasing the work intensity.
The steel tool cabinet for storage can organize the tools more conveniently and improve the storage efficiency. The use of high-quality rolled plates, strong load-bearing, strong and durable,the stainless steel push handle is more convenient to use, and the steel tool cabinet for sale can be adjusted. For the sexual layer, the height of the layer can be adjusted freely according to the size of the mud.On the lock, a steel lock core is used, and the plate connection can be locked at the same time on the upper and lower sides of the door. Grinding, to a certain extent, prolongs the long-term use of the product.

The sturdy structure design and special surface treatment of steel tool cabinet wholesale can meet the complex working environment of the factory. At the same time, it adopts excellent bearing guide, which can easily ensure safety when heavy load. The partition drawer can be adjusted freely, and the steel tool cabinet manufacturer can be divided. Storage space, large aluminum alloy handle and standard modification, beautiful appearance, convenient and practical.
High-end ball bearing hook slide rail of steel tool cabinet for storage, integrated ergonomic handle in the table, easy to use, more tools can be hung on the side plate, the bottom includes swivel wheels, 1 brake and 2 fixed casters , The four sides of the anti-vibration protection, more peace of mind in use.
The drawer of steel tool cabinet wholesale has a safety clip design to ensure that it will not accidentally slip out when closing the drawer. You can freely choose drawers of different heights. Not only can it fully meet the user's requirements, but also play a protective role. The multiple colors of the steel tool cabinet for storage can meet the user's requirements for the overall layout.