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chinese furniture steel manual mobile shelving manufacturer

Oct 19, 2023
The manual mobile shelving factory is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plates,and the surface is processed by nine processes such as degreasing,rust removal,and phosphating.It adopts the internationally popular electrostatic powder spraying and high-temperature plasticization process,which has good corrosion resistance and beautiful frame appearance design.The lines are smooth, and the warehouse is neat and beautiful.The combined assembly design,disassembly and disassembly are not lost.The manual mobile shelving wholesale has various materials,beautiful appearance,strong stability,and good durability.The product adopts a detachable combination method in structure,which is convenient to install,limit the packaging volume,and is convenient transportation.
The welding part of manual mobile shelving supplier adopts high-standard welding,the surface is flat and smooth,the size is 2300*W900*D650mm,standard six-layer shelf, group type,column width,number of layers and number of columns can be selected according to user needs customized and customized,the left and right side frames are generally double-sided movable frames,equipped with a facade group,and can also be single-sided movable frames with wall panels on the outside.The transmission mechanism of the manual mobile shelving factory adopts precision roller chains and bearings,and the transmission is flexible and stable.The rocking force is light,the rocker can be automatically clutched,the handle is foldable,which can avoid traffic obstacles,and it can also be selected according to the user's choice.The roulette-type rocker can meet all the needs of users.

The side frame of the manual mobile shelving manufacturer is equipped with locks,which are used to lock the entire group of frames.The bottom frame group is a sectional combined type,with high processing accuracy, docking interchangeability,a wide range of section models, easy to transport and install,and a width of 650mm or above dense rack uses three uprights to maintain the rigidity of the rack body.The manual mobile shelving supplier uses a rack plate,a hook plate and a stop rod,which is stable and firm after assembly,and has a good load-bearing capacity.
The actual footprint of manual mobile shelving wholesale is small,and the space saving type is strong.The number of groups can be designed from 2 groups to 8 groups.The storage capacity is very large.In the systematic management of archives and books,it is easy to classify,efficient,and can be found more efficiently.The items the customer needs,the central lock of manual mobile shelving wholesale can lock the entire system,each row of push cabinets is equipped with a safety channel lock to prevent users from accidentally being caught between the push cabinets.With the design of anti-collision glue, it can avoid noise and reduce impact.
The design of manual mobile shelving wholesale is humanized.The top of each cabinet is equipped with a dust-proof device to prevent dust from falling into the cabinet.The top and bottom frame of the cabinet are anti-falling devices.Each group of movable single-sided cabinets are equipped with anti-falling devices on the top,mobile shelving manufacturer in design it is equipped with a label device,the extra-large label device indicates clear and convenient document classification,the base is welded and assembled as a whole, the frame body is a double-pillar insert structure,each layer is a whole shelf, the sections are separated by hanging plates,and the side panels are used Concave-convex new technology, the color can be selected by users, and customized design is supported.