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china supplier metal 3 door locker for school

Oct 15, 2023
The metal 3 door locker for sale produced by DBIN has abandoned the traditional business model, and the circulation cost of direct factory direct sales is obviously much less than that of traditional business. Give consumers the best price, and we can customize the metal 3 door locker factory with corporate and personal characteristics according to the needs of customers. The color, style, logo and other aspects can be made according to the needs of users. Users can enjoy unique products and services.

The size of the metal 3 door locker supplier is H1800*W380*D450mm. The material is made of cold-rolled steel, which is more durable. Its birthplace is Henan, China. It has good load-bearing performance. The surface treatment uses environmentally friendly electronic powder coating. Strong anti-rust performance, metal 3 door locker manufacturer has a wide range of applications. It can be used in schools, gymnasiums, locker rooms, offices, and dormitories. It satisfies the scope of use of users from all walks of life. The disassembly and assembly structure makes it easy to assemble. It only takes 10 minutes to assemble.

The metal 3 door locker supplier has a door shaft with a large opening angle in structure, and a label frame is affixed on the surface of the door. The design is user-friendly, which is convenient for identification and classification. The metal 3 door locker manufacturer can effectively maintain the internal space during use. Dry to avoid the storage items from getting wet, with good ventilation.

During the transportation of metal 3 door locker for sale, wear-resistant PE film is selected to cover all parts on the packaging. The foam tape prevents impact. The high-quality five-layer corrugated carton is integrally protected, which can effectively protect the safety of the product.Metal 3 door locker supplier in terms of appearance design, lightness and lightness are the modern standards, with bright colors, simple appearance and strong practicability, which caters to the aesthetics of modern customers.

The metal 3 door locker factory has ample storage space with adjustable shelves and closet bars for uniforms, work shirts and jackets. The metal 3 door locker manufacturer is for office supplies, industrial equipment, household and garden tools or The storage of other important items also provides space for effective use.