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best metal compact shelving in 2023

Aug 23, 2023
Metal compact shelving supplier, mostly applicable to libraries, archives, reference rooms and other places of enterprises and institutions, is used to store books, documents, archives, materials, etc. It is designed and produced for high use of space. The metal compact shelving supplier can make a reasonable layout according to the characteristics of the warehouse. It uses multiple sections and multiple connections to form a whole on a fixed track. The columns are moved by hand or electric for access, which greatly improves the utilization of space.
The base of the metal compact shelving supplier is welded as a whole, and the frame body is a special double-sided vertical plate insertion structure. The vertical plate has hanging holes, and the shelves are buckled on the hanging holes; each shelf is divided into two, The spacing of the double-sided shelves can be adjusted up and down respectively. It has the characteristics of flexible use and easy disassembly and assembly. Each column of the metal compact shelving manufacturer is equipped with safety limit and anti-dumping devices to ensure the safety of personnel in the passage. The side frame is equipped with locks for overall locking. The contact surfaces between the frames are provided with cushioning and magnetic sealing strips. There is a dust-proof board at the top and a rat-proof device at the bottom. It has good dust-proof, rodent-proof, moisture-proof and fire-proof functions.

With the development of modern life, the storage and placement of various documents has become an urgent problem that we face in real life. Metal compact shelving wholesale, for the storage of archives, library materials and other documents, the storage requirements are higher than ordinary items. It can not only meet the safety and stability of storage space, but also has a large storage capacity and more space utilization. It is more efficient and more systematic.
The standard rack height of the metal compact shelving supplier produced by DBin is 2300㎜, the pitch is 900㎜, the width is 520㎜, the standard number of layers is 6 layers, the layer spacing is 330㎜, each shelf of the metal compact shelving manufacturer has an even load-bearing 80㎏, The upper and lower distance can be adjusted, and customized design can be carried out according to the needs of customers.
Metal compact shelving supplier, as a collection of a large number of cabinet-like spaces, can be combined and optimized. DBin office furniture insists on high quality during the production process.In order to win the extensive trust of customers, we have worked hard. In terms of equipment, our company has fully realized streamlined operations and equipped with advanced inspection and testing equipment. The metal compact shelving manufacturer has won a good reputation among customers. And exported to all parts of the world.