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high quality steel mobile shelving for storage

Aug 23, 2023
The structure of steel mobile shelving supplier is composed of track, chassis and frame body. The chassis is composed of bottom beam and bearing gear. The material is made of national standard high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, and the surface is electrostatic sprayed. Steel mobile shelving wholesale Strictly remove oil rust and phosphating treatment before spraying, the chassis is welded, rigid enough, not deformed, and the surface is sprayed with plastic.
Steel mobile shelving supplier's frame is strong, sturdy, novel in design, installation specification, the number of layers and distance can be adjusted freely, the transmission mechanism between steel mobile shelving factory has high precision, reliable positioning, light and flexible transmission, and rocking force. Light, stable movement, performance meets or exceeds national standards.

The roller bearing of steel mobile shelving supplier, the two-way overrunning clutch structure, is beautiful in appearance and comfortable to the hand. The handle is foldable, which can avoid passage obstacles. Shaking any row will not drive the other handles to rotate. The brake device of steel mobile shelving manufacturer The columns are locked, each column is equipped with a braking device, which is easy to operate, reliable and safe to use and access.
Steel mobile shelving wholesale has anti-vibration devices. The magnetic sealing strip allows each row of contact surfaces to have buffer and sealing devices. It has good shock-proof and dust-proof performance. The chassis and columns of each row are fully fixed by stay cables. Steel mobile shelving factory The anti-tip device can prevent the frame from tilting forwards and backwards to protect the user's safety.
The steel mobile shelving manufacturer can freely move to open and close along the guide rails during use, which is convenient for query and management. The steel mobile shelving factory's multi-span and multi-span, and the span and layer spacing can be adjusted at will, any combination, and strength , The firmness is stable and reliable, and the structure design is more reasonable.