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2d1f mobile pedestal for office

Nov 20, 2023
In a busy work life, the accumulation of documents on the desk always make your mood more irritable. Perhaps you have forgotten the last time you closed the drawer. If the file pedestals is broken in using process, it will undoubtedly bring more trouble to your work life. In other words, it is time for you to buy a new file pedestal. Choosing a high-quality and practical file pedestal will relieve your work and life from a lot of stress.

DBin 2d1f steel mobile file pedestals can deal with these problems for you! DBin 2d1f steel mobile file pedestals is equipped with three drawers, two small drawers for your personal little items, and the third drawer called file drawer, could be used for your files and documents. Generally speaking, the small drawer dimension is W330*D460*H70mm, the big one is W330*D460*H246mm, which is big enough to hold lots of files.
DBin 2d1f steel mobile file pedestals has a reasonable size design. There is a pencil tray in the first drawer which is for storing your office supplies,like pens, rulers, Calculator,etc. And there is an adjustable hanging bar which can hang A4 size,letter size or legal size hanging file folders to keep your document organized. Reasonable drawer design make the most use of the space of cabinet body.
If you need to move your filing cabinet frequently, don't worry, DBin 2d1f steel mobile file pedestals can still help you solve this problem. DBin 2d1f steel mobile file pedestals is configured with 5 wheels. 2 front wheels with brakes, 2 rear wheels without brakes. There is another support wheel on the file drawer, also called the fifth wheel. The role of the fifth wheel is to prevent the file drawer from being pulled out and falling over because the cabinet is unbalanced. The material of the casters is Nylon, good wear resistance, strong load-bearing capacity, smooth rolling, no noise when moving back and forth.
DBin 2d1f steel mobile file pedestals can be regarded as a welfare for office staff, because it solves all the problems encountered in the office, because DBin Office Furniture is to create a comfortable office life for everyone! If you have any more questions about the office file cabinets, you can email us at sales@DBinofficefurniture.com, or you can call us at 0086-15236153756 directly!