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Steel mobile 2 drawer pedestal with cushion

Nov 20, 2023
While choosing a two-drawer cabinet with cushion, you should look out for two things – space and longevity. Even though style is essential, a product that fits all your items and withstands day-to-day abuse will serve you the best. DBin Office Furniture is one of the most recommended for several reasons. First, made of steel, you are getting a long-lasting mobile flat cabinet with a scratch-resistant pure white finish. The cabinet is also less prone to denting and has a smooth glide suspension system that supports a lot of weight. Thus, accessing stored files in this cabinet is very easy.
DBin Office Furniture is a popular file cabinet manufacturer globally because of its space-efficient design. Moreover, for a few dollars, you are getting a spacious file cabinet with a metal shell that lasts a lifetime. The risk of it breaking under stress is low. Moreover, the steel is resistant to rust and has a sleek finish (dark) that does not scratch nor fades quickly. Set up in the corner of your home or 8-5 office, it will light up space and improve its functionality.
With DBin Office Furniture, the safety of your documents will never be a concern for you. In addition to its strength, both cabinets have a secure lock that you can use to control access. Moreover, built to withstand up to 330 pounds of pressure, it is resistant to hammer attacks as well. DBin office steel 2 drawer file pedestals has caster wheels for movement and a limited 1-year warranty that covers factory/manufacturing defects.

Wooden cabinets are the most popular because of their longevity. However, because of their cost, they are beyond the reach of some people. Moreover, most models are heavy and thus hard to move while cleaning. The DBin Office steel File Cabinet lacks such limitations. Its black frame is 100% metal, which is lighter than wood. It also has easy-roll caster wheels that work well on wood, stone, low-pile carpets. Thus, when filled, you will have an easy time cleaning around the cabinet in your office.
Are you looking to boost the storage space for the files and or folders in your office? Even though wall hung cabinets are ideal, DBin Office Furniture offers better results for two reasons. First, you do not have to drill holes or hang cabinets to get ample storage space –DBin Office Furniture comes ready to use. You also get two spacious cabinets (fit letter-size folders) with a lock for securing your personals. Thus, DBin Office Furniture is perfect for securing sensitive documents. It also fits electronics such as laptops/tablets.

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