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2021 hot sale steel storage lockers manufacture

Apr 30, 2021
How to avoid the long-term erosion of the 2021 hot sale steel storage lockers by moisture erosion, affecting your experience, and in the long run will reduce the life of the steel storage lockers factory, today DBin offic furniture answers this question for you.
One: Don't put it in the dark. As we all know, the humidity in the dark is too large to store items, whether it's the 2021 hot sale steel storage lockers or other products, not suitable for the dark place. Therefore, some consumers in order to save space, the steel storage lockers factory placed in some more remote corners, and forget the timed maintenance, resulting in steel storage lockers manufacture in the use of the material in the cabinet moisture situation.

Second: keep the office timed air circulation. Office due to long window locks or high floors, resulting in poor air circulation in the room, over time not only for the steel storage lockers factory maintenance is not good, but also endanger the health of office workers. Therefore, it is important to time the office air circulation, to maintain the entire office air circulation, speed up the air circulation, and constantly bring new air to the 2021 hot sale steel storage lockers in a good environment.
Three: Place the desiccant. Desiccant is a more common moisture-proof item that can be bought directly in many supermarkets and can be placed in the corner of the steel storage lockers manufacture without affecting daily use. Or put the lime in a small cloth bag and place it tightly in the 2021 hot sale steel storage lockers, which also acts as a desiccant to avoid moisture.

Four: put the moisture-absorbing box. Moisture-absorbing box is a relatively common moisture-absorbing supplies, it sets dehumidification, aroma, anti-mold, deodorization and other functions in one. The small size of the absorbent box can be placed in various corners of the steel storage lockers manufacturers, when used only need to be placed in the cabinet.
Five: Put green plants. As we all know, green plants are an essential ecological balance element for the planet on which we live, so in the office, steel storage lockers factory moisture-proof rust-proofing is certainly no less green. For example, tiger piran, large leaf plants can absorb excess water in the space, form a small indoor space circulation system, maintain the balance of indoor air, improve the life of the 2021 hot sale steel storage lockers.