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wholesale two drawer lateral file cabinet in office

Sep 08, 2020
Welcome to Luoyang DBin Office Furniture Co., Ltd. First of all, thanks customers for their trust in us. This is Luoyang Office Furniture Sales Department, a professional platform for marketing and business. Mainly in two drawer lateral file cabinet wholesale, serve for new and old customers for 10years. The chairman of the company pays attention to the development of modern lateral file cabinet in office marketing strategies.
Customers are the God of the company, DBin wholesale lateral file cabinet in office factory always thank and treat customers kindly. In order to cooperate pleasantly and smoothly, a few things are reminded first:

1.Price description: Manufacturers try hard to try e-commerce, factory direct sales mode, has a strong price advantage, two drawer lateral file cabinet wholesale prices are all direct sales preferential prices, manufacturers and customers achieve a win-win situation. (Affordable price, please rest assured to choose)

2.Product description: All shipments are: factory-customer ,factory direct sales mode, the two drawer lateral file cabinets in office are supplied and produced in China, please check in time when receiving the goods, if there is any problem, return or replace at any time;
 3. Description of payment: In principle, payment shall be flowed through the company's public account, and shall not be remitted to personal accounts. In special circumstances, wholesale lateral file cabinet in office may be remitted to personal accounts under the premise of ensuring the safety of customers' funds and approval by the marketing manager.
 4. Product service: operating a variety of two drawer lateral file cabinet wholesale and accepting customized lateral file cabinet. The minimum order quantity of the product is generally around 50 batches. Special order requirements need to be communicated with sales staff, and there is a certain minimum order quantity requirement.
Please arrange the order time reasonably according to the time.
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