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wholesale price steel book shelf supplier

Sep 07, 2023
Steel book shelf for sale selects 1.2mm cold-rolled steel plates, which are not deformed, have a smooth surface and no harmful substances. During use, there is no peculiar smell, large storage space, and strong weight of the laminate. Steel book The single layer of shelf factory can easily load 200kg and can be combined at will.

The structure of the steel book shelf factory is composed of a main frame and a sub-frame. The user can freely combine according to the size and size of the space. The thickened steel plate is corrosion-resistant, durable and high-temperature resistant, strong and non-deformable, and has a long service life. Structure, steel book shelf manufacturer's exquisite buckle design does not require bolts, is convenient, fast, and simple to apply. The spacer layer distance can be adjusted at will, and can be adjusted to the height desired by the user according to the needs.

The thickened base of steel book shelf manufacturer uses all steel to make it more stable and does not shake. The heightened and reinforced design of steel book shelf wholesale can avoid insects and ants, and effectively protect the products on the shelf from moisture. After advanced spraying, High temperature plasticization, environmental protection and durability.
The steel book shelf manufacturer is easy to assemble and disassemble during use, flexible and convenient, and can be customized according to your available floor space to meet the needs of different users.Steel book shelf factory's all-round side storage can make full use of space.
The steel book shelf wholesale produced by DBin, with the best quality, meticulous design, most competitive price, elegant appearance and first-class craftsmanship, has won wide acclaim from customers all over the world. In the process of transportation, It has a dismountable structure and is convenient to transport. The steel book shelf manufacturer's assembly process is safe and simple, and the assembly can be completed in 6-10 minutes.