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2020 Top 3 drawer under desk steel filing cabinets units

Jun 02, 2020
If you want to find a filing cabinet without taking up a lot of space in the office, then why not take the 3 drawer steel filing cabinet into your cosideration? It comes assembled, and this 3 drawer steel filing cabinet is durable enough to hold your important documents for many years.

This commercial 3 drawer vertical filing cabinet is made of steel, so you donnot need to worry its toughness and durability. Its dimension is H600W390D500MM, because of its width, and it could be placed in yout office desk, the filing cabinet won’t take up a prime real estate in your office. When your office documents are organized, your office will also look more spacious!
Besides, Closing and opening the drawers could be easy with its high-precision steel ball bearings. That means when you pull the file cabinet, it will not produce any untimely noise, affecting the work of other employees in the office!  There is also an adjustable hanging bar  for you to store different sizes file folders. Therefore, you donnot need to puechase extra accessories. 
The most importantly, This 3 drawer under desk steel filing cabinet is lightweight and affordable. If you need to move it back and forth, you do n’t have to worry about being too heavy and inconvenient. The DBin 3 drawer steel filing cabinet factory is very close to the raw materials, reducing the production cost, which also allows DBin Office Furniture to give our customers a relatively favorable price! In addition, DBin 3 drawer steel filing cabinet is a real factory direct sales, which is also the reson why we have a competitive than the other file cabinets in the markets.
In order to meet the market demand, there are also many steel file cabinets that are designed for disassembly and assembly in DBin Office Furniture, including the 3 drawer under desk steel filing cabinet we mentioned today. Due to the disassembly and assembly design, they are easy to transport and easy to assemble. You can assemble according to the instructions given though you donnot have any experience at all. Any questions please leave a message here!