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office furniture metal filing cabinet manufacture

Mar 31, 2023
Office furniture metal filing cabinet manufacturing materials are generally used in cold-rolled steel plate, the plate on the market from 0.3mm-1.0mm, different material thickness, price also varies.
1: Use a shearer to cut the cold-rolled steel plate into different sizes as required. Depending on the office furniture metal filing cabinet, the size and style of the cropped iron plate varies from one location to another (e.g. door panel, side panel, top, bottom plate, partition, back plate).

2: The cropped iron plate is cornered with a punch, and the different positions of the steel filing cabinet for sale (e.g. door panels, side panels, top, bottom plates, partitions) are de-angled in different styles. There is a special mold in the corner. Large factories are generally pipeline operations.
3: The iron plate that goes to a good angle is bent with a bender and folded into different bends depending on the metal filing cabinet manufacture position.

4: The office furniture metal cabinet side plate, top, mid-plate, bottom plate, back plate, slide, partition vertical beam, etc. folded, with a spotless spot welder spot welding, spot welding out of the product surface flat, do not polish, do not play putty, according to the steel filing cabinet for sale file cabinet style, to produce different products. At this point, the whole of the steel filing cabinet is ready.

5: The spot welded whole metal filing cabinet for acid washing, phosphation treatment, the surface grease of the iron plate, rust removal clean.

6: Put the cleaned steel filing cabinet for sale into the spraying workshop for electrostectronic powder spraying, the products produced without pungent odor, green. The color of the filing cabinet is generally gray-white, each manufacturer with different powders, generally will have some color difference;
7: After spraying and heating, metal filing cabinet manufacture can be sent to the assembly plant for assembly, where partitions, slides, drawers, doors, commissioning, etc. can be installed. After assembly, the quality inspector can be packed and ready to go into storage after passing the inspection.

8: Packed file cabinet is stored in the finished warehouse according to the classification, ready to go out of the warehouse.