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office furniture made in china steel locker for sale

Jun 18, 2021
Office furniture made in china steel locker for sale is commonly used in factories, schools, troops, enterprises and institutions, fitness clubs, bathing centers and other places. china steel locker manufacture has the characteristics of fireproof, anti-corrosion, wear-resistant, etc. Its surface DBin office furniture production and sales of office furniture made in china steel locker using advanced technology at home and abroad process standards, materials are imported high-quality rolled steel The materials are all imported high quality rolled steel plate stamping and forming, the surface is treated by phosphating.
DBin office furniture made in china steel locker manufacture parts in one punching and cutting, high precision, strong versatility. The welding part adopts high standard fusion welding, the surface is smooth and smooth. The automatic spraying line is used, the surface is sprayed with electrostatic powder foam (the combination of manual and automatic line spraying, the coating is even and the adhesion ability is strong) The powder foam of international brand meets the ROHS standard of EU to make the product really environmental protection and non-toxic.
The common sizes of china steel locker manufacture are.?

Office furniture made in china steel locker specifications: general tin locker specifications: 900 * 420 * 1850mm (width * height * depth); if large clothes can be done 900 * 500 * 1850mm; slant top locker plus slant top size: generally in 900 * 420 * 2250mm; generally in 900 * 420 * 2250mm; the size of the slant top locker. 2250mm.??

china steel locker manufacture style: commonly used lockers include: single-door locker, two-door, three-door closet, four-door, six-door, eight-door, nine-door, ten-door, twelve-door, fifteen-door, eighteen-door, etc.; three doors below can hang big clothes, four-door, six-door locker can hang tops, eight-door, nine-door, ten-door, etc. Internal shelves can be added to store clean and dirty clothes respectively. clothes and dirty clothes.? 

Office furniture made in china steel locker material: the use of cold-rolled steel plate production production, plate thickness according to user requirements, economic models with thin plate, durable models with thick plate, general plate from 0.4 ~ 0.8mm ranging; tool type work clothes storage closet plate thickness can be 1.0 ~ 1.2mm thick?

The regular color of office furniture made in china steel locker for sale: electrostatic spraying, the normal color is light gray, when ordering in bulk (10 pieces) or more can specify other colors, blue, green, pink, yellow, sets of colors, etc.

The quality standard of china steel locker manufacture: the hardness and impact resistance of the plates should reach GB1720, GB1730, GB1732 national standards.

Made in china steel locker for sale is the most fireproof and environmentally friendly material, and very solid. made in china steel locker for sale maintenance: avoid contact with acid and alkali liquid to prevent the cabinet from being corrupted. The surface of the cabinet should be kept clean. If the surface is not clean, please wipe with detergent first, then wipe clean with a dry cloth. General maintenance only need to use a clean soft cloth gently wipe can, if you want to clean the long-term use of dirt, the most ideal way for: first, please use warm water diluted neutral detergent (1% ~ 3%) first wipe, and then wipe off the cleaning solution with a wrung-out clean water rag, and then finally a dry cloth to polish.