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New 2020 3d pedestal file cabinet

Jul 23, 2020
In 2020, the year of #COVID19 spread, DBin will inevitably be affected, but DBin never stopped making efforts, and DBin still insist on launching new 3d pedestal file cabinet in the new year. The factory disinfects every day to ensure the normal living environment of employees and orderly production.
Now, there are many different types of mobile pedestals on the market. At least 40 or 50 types can be listed, but most of new 3d pedestal file cabinet do not differ much. People focus on the three major types with huge differences: handle, appearance and function. 

DBin provides customized service for 3d pedestal file cabinet 2020, and provides integrated handle and external pull handle. The handle itself is the handle formed by bending steel plate design of the 3d pedestal file cabinet itself. The no handle type is a side opening pedestal file cabinet. 

The new 2020 3d pedestal file cabinets have passed strict quality inspection and 13 kinds of surface treatment, such as acid pickling and phosphating and constant temperature electrostatic spraying. The sprayed plastic powder has stronger adhesion, will not fall off, and will not rust.
DBin 3d pedestal file cabinets 2020 are green and environmental friendly, the whole process is transparent and open, in full compliance with the national standards, the imported green and environmental powder is used in the spraying process, non-toxic, no side effects, no peculiar smell.

In order to facilitate the storage of personal belongings, the three-stage full width mute slide rail is adopted, which can be fully unfolded when pulling. The 360 ° universal wheel design of new 2020 3d pedestal file cabinet has flexible direction, and each wheel can bear 25kg. 
In addition, the interlock device is more convenient. The fifth round design adds a large load bearing at the bottom to prevent the 3d pedestal file cabinet from overturning. Every 3d pedestal file cabinet of DBin has anti dumping wheel, which is excellent, convenient and safe. The simple design is suitable for most office environments.