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metal compact shelving archive storage rack supplier

May 12, 2023
There is a brake device between each row of electric dense gear racks of metal compact Shelving factory, which is convenient to open and close. When opening the rack to check data, you only need to pull out the brake handle, and the main body of metal compact shelving wholesale will not be affected by others. Move, which can effectively ensure the personal safety of the personnel reading the rack.
The transmission mechanism of metal compact shelving wholesale uses precision internal self-aligning bearings, two-axis rotation, flexible movement,less vibration, and more convenient to use. Aging treatment.The top of the rack is equipped with a dust-proof board, and the bottom is equipped with a rat-proof board.After sealing,it has the function of fire prevention and anti-aging.

Because metal compact shelving manufacturer uses an integrated rack plate with a reinforcing plate and a hook plate with hooks. The assembled frame plate is flat and firm, and the gears change automatically. The crank can be stopped in the vertical position, and the handle of the metal compact shelving factory can be folded to avoid traffic accidents.
The color of metal compact shelving factory can be customized according to customer requirements. The appearance style closely follows the trend of production, making the storage of items and documents no longer monotonous. The modern, fashionable and durable appearance of metal compact shelving wholesale performance has received unanimous praise from many customers.
Metal compact shelving wholesale has a shelf life of more than 5 years. The custom design meets the needs of different customers. The surface treatment of the Metal Compact Shelving manufacturer uses electrostatic spraying technology, which is beneficial to the environment.DBin office furniture provides solutions for your office projects!